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Marty's PM & GM


Marty’s is two locations: PM, a late-late night spot with outstanding food and cheap drinks, and GM, a community-focused sports bar with the best brunch on Earth. Being a frequent haunt of both spots, when the opportunity to build their new website was presented to me, I jumped at the opportunity and am so glad that I took on this freelance Wordpress project.

My Role

This was a full-stack project, built on Wordpress. I designed, built, and deployed both sites.

This duality of two distinct locations with different focuses posed an interesting challenge, and we started with a discovery meeting. We decided on two sites sharing the same look and feel, with a simple landing page to tie them together. Their media team had ample Wordpress experience, so that seemed like the obvious CMS choice.

The total build time was six weeks, with user testing and bug fixes taking an additional two weeks. We started with a design comp and interactive prototype to give them a feel for what the final site would be like. From there the site was built markup/styling-first, then ported to a custom Wordpress theme. I opted for a no-framework, no-library approach, and rolled everything using Flexbox, Grid, and vanilla JS. Gulp/Sass/Webpack to speed up production time.