About Me


When my family got our first computer, I was 6 years old and couldn’t care less.

When my dad bought a copy of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Creating A Web Page” three years later, I was enthralled. Suddenly it clicked that the art I loved to make in the real world, I could make on a computer! Over the next two years I would teach myself HTML 4.0, and discover that it was fun to make computers do what I told them to (most of the time).

It started a lifelong obsession, first web, then 3D modelling, then graphic design and photo manipulation. At 16, I began working for a local web shop as a graphic designer.

When I was in college, sick of school and tired of feeling like a hack at work, I shifted my focus towards real programming. No more getting by on some advanced-level IT knowledge and enough PHP to fix some Wordpress theme bugs. I re-invigorated myself to learn the fundamentals of programming, and learn them well.

Since then I’ve spent my career learning all I can about how to help business grow and adapt through cutting-edge technology. My truest passion in life is solving problems bigger than myself using technology, and every day I get to wake up and serve clients to that end is a good day.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay





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This Site

This website is built using GatsbyJS, Sanity, TailwindCSS, Emotion, twin.macro and is deployed on Netlify. The design is custom, but took lots of inspiration by from Hexo Magnetic theme by Jonathan Klughertz.

Other Interests

It’s not all 1s and 0s! I’m an avid singer/songwriter and have played piano most of my life, picking up some trombone, banjo, accordion, harmonica, and bass along the way. Not surprising, I’m a huge lover of synthesizers (music AND computers? Come on…) and release synthwave music as Video Home System with my brother Andrew.

I’m also a film-obsessive, dabbling in filmmaking since college. I’ve been a major part of 8 short film projects, written one short that’s never been produced (not yet), and have crewed on feature films, web series, and more. On the side, I’m a videographer for Double Springs Media, and a regular volunteer with Sidewalk Film Festival.