Here's a collection of small pet projects I've built, started, or abandoned.

  • PanikVR

    A simple experiment in creating a website (this website, actually) for virtual reality browsers. Best viewed in Chrome VR or similar.

  • Unofficial Skymiles Calculator

    Calculate how many Delta SkyMiles you will earn for your upcoming trip! This project was originally built by Tom Joseph, and handed off to me to maintain and improve. It serves around 11,000 unique visitors per month!


    A simple way to generate portfolio-ready mockups of your websites and apps. Started out of a necessity to help a coworker, and has become a well-used tool for hundreds of visitors a month.

  • YouTube

    I used to create acapella singing videos, and in the last year or two pivoted to informative, entertaining videos discussing emerging technologies and challenges.

  • JS Screen Buffered 3D Renderer

    What a mouthful. A 3D rendering engine, written from scratch in JS, utilizing a frame buffer system. The intention was to apply filters to that buffer, but I never got around to it. Enjoy the floating cube.

  • Wave Playground

    Generate, modulate, listen to, and visualize square and sine waves in pure JS.

  • Michaelsoft Binbows 95

    It looks like Windows! You can draw selection rectangles! It serves no purpose!

  • NameMyBand

    My friend had a list of hundreds of unused band names. I wanted to build an app that used Google Sheets as a makeshift database, and cost $0 to host.